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LuxProvide is the national supercomputer HPC organisation in charge of the planning, installation and long-term operation of the machine. For our brand new organisation and future HPC infrastructure, we are seeking talented and highly motivated experts to join the team in charge of the design, implementation, and operation of the national supercomputer.

Inauguration of Luxembourg’s first supercomputer MeluXina!

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The launch ceremony of MeluXina, Luxembourg’s first supercomputer hosted in one of LuxConnect’s Data Centers, took place on June 7th at 14:30 in Bissen. The Ministry of State and the Ministry of the Economy were pleased to invite you to follow the high-level digital event that was live-streamed.

MeluXinahigh-performance computing

Luxembourg’s first supercomputer MeluXina has been installed in LuxConnect’s Data Center DC2 in Bissen, which is powered by green energy from Kiowatt, a cogeneration plant fuelled by waste wood.

Its modular architecture focuses on the needs of its users including companies and players in the Luxembourg economy, and more specifically SMEs and start-ups. MeluXina is a key element of Luxembourg’s data-driven innovation strategy, which aims to develop a sustainable and reliable digital economy and supports the digital transition of the economy by facilitating competitiveness and business innovation in an increasingly digital world. The computing power of MeluXina is more than 10 petaflops.

It has been operational since June 2021 and is ranked among the first 50 of the TOP500 supercomputers worldwide.

MeluXina goes live

The supercomputer MeluXina was inaugurated in June 2021 and made available to business and research. MeluXina is the perfect support for Luxembourg's data-driven innovation strategy. It contributes to building a digital, sustainable and reliable economy by making high-performance computing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Technical structure

The HPC model is a BullSequana XH2000 with a computing capacity of 18 petaflops per second. Fully scalable, the HPC delivers sustained performance due to its open and modular architecture. Modular supercomputers accommodate big data science.

MeluXina documentation

For essential information to get you started on MeluXina, utilization of computing and data resources, software stacks and deep dives into the supercomputer's technologies, please visit the MeluXina documentation pages.

About ushere we are

Who we are

Under the governance of the Luxembourg Ministry of State and the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy, LuxProvide S.A., as a 100% subsidiary of LuxConnect, is in charge of the acquisition, launch and operation of Luxembourg’s high-performance computer MeluXina.

The mission of LuxProvide, headquartered in Bissen (Luxembourg), is to facilitate access to the use of the computational capabilities of MeluXina by setting up a competence centre in collaboration with Luxinnovation and the University of Luxembourg providing dedicated support to companies in their high-performance computing projects. LuxProvide will ultimately employ up to 50 people.

Our story

15 February 2019: EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) launched an open call to select European hosting entities for supercomputers and creation of a consortium initiated by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy. Led by LuxConnect, the consortium involved Luxembourg actors, i.e. the University of Luxembourg through its HPC team and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), and the first-choice Jülich Supercomputing Center (JSC).

7 June 2019: EuroHPC JU selects a total of eight sites in different Member States to host supercomputers, including five for petascale systems, one of which is Luxembourg.

14 June 2019: presentation of the future Luxembourg HPC MeluXina. It will be part of the joint initiative EuroHPC JU, which is headquartered in Luxembourg.

24 July 2019: creation of LuxProvide S.A. as a 100% subsidiary of LuxConnect.

January 2020: EuroHPC JU and LuxProvide issue a tender for the procurement of the national supercomputer.

July 2020: appointment of LuxProvide’s management team: Pascal Bouvry and Roger Lampach are appointed CEO. Valentin Plugaru joins them as CTO. Matthieu Lefebvre holds the position of Group Leader, User Engagement & Professional Services.

August 2020: final decision about the supplier of the national supercomputer.

28 September 2020: Contract signed with Atos by Anders Jensen (EuroHPC) and LuxProvide for the acquisition of the MeluXina supercomputer.

29 September 2020: Xavier Bettel and Franz Fayot make the announcement at a press conference. → More information

November 2020: HPC server room in green Data Center in Bissen is ready to host the national supercomputer MeluXina.

January 2021: First components of MeluXina have been delivered.

March 2021: MeluXina is taking shape! With a combined peak performance of over 18 petaflops, MeluXina’s Cluster & Accelerator GPU Modules are based on the Atos BullSequana XH2000 water-cooled platform.

7 June 2021: Inauguration of Luxembourg’s first supercomputer MeluXina → More information

Meet our team

Mario Grotz (chairman), Paul Konsbruck (member of the board), Roger Lampach (Chief Executive Officer), Pascal Bouvry (Chief Executive Officer), Arnaud Lambert (member of the board), Jean-Marc Gales (member of the board) and Romain Martin (member of the board).


M. Mario Grotz is First Government Counsellor at the Ministry of the Economy.

M. Paul Konsbruck is CEO of LuxConnect.

M. Romain Martin is First Government Counsellor at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

M. Arnaud Lambert is Director Digital Innovation Hub at Luxinnovation GIE.

M. Jean-Marc Gales is Chairman and CEO of Woodham Mortimer.


Roger Lampach graduated from the University of Technology in Munich and has over 30 years of experience in operations and project management. Drawing on his skills, particularly in the implementation and development of LuxConnect, he oversees LuxProvide’s industrial and project management components. Roger is also CEO of LuxConnect.


Pascal Bouvry holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Grenoble (INPG), France, and performed post-doctoral research at CWI in Amsterdam. He gained industrial experience working in various management and C-Level positions in Europe, Asia and North America in the Fintech, Space, and Telecommunication domains. Since 2003 Pascal has served as a full professor at the University of Luxembourg, for which he founded and manages the HPC service. Pascal Bouvry also represents Luxembourg in the PRACE council and serves as an associated editor for IEEE, Springer and Elsevier.


Valentin Plugaru holds an MSc. degree in information and computer sciences from the University of Luxembourg. He has managed HPC facilities in R&D institutes, and developed and grown the HPC platform of University of Luxembourg, interacting closely with scientific and industry groups to valorise HPC systems. With a multi-disciplinary background and over a decade of expertise in HPC technologies, he has been part of national and European HPC initiatives, working as an HPC expert to outline roadmaps for the European HPC ecosystem and bring about Luxembourg’s national HPC Center and first national supercomputing platform. Driven by a long-standing passion for all things HPC, he is a firm supporter of supercomputing and AI-enabled and data-driven insight and innovation.

Group Leader, User Engagement & Professional Services

Matthieu Lefebvre obtained a Ph.D. degree in mathematics from University Paris 13, France while performing research at ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab. He was previously a researcher at Princeton University, New Jersey, first as a post-doctoral associate in the geoscience department and then as a research software engineer in the research computing department. Before joining LuxProvide in April 2020, he worked as a technology developer for autonomous driving at BMW in Munich. Matthieu has in-depth experience, bridging the gap between domain knowledge and hardware platforms in a variety of fields including geophysics, computational fluid dynamics, high-energy physics and autonomous driving.

LuxProvide's team and organisation

We have gathered a multidisciplinary and highly skilled team with a proven track record in the implementation and running of supercomputing infrastructures. How responsibilities are distributed within our team is shown in an organisational chart. Open positions can also be found there.

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

Through the EuroHPC JU, the EU and all participating countries coordinate their efforts and share resources with the objective of deploying a world-class HPC infrastructure and a competitive innovation ecosystem in supercomputing technologies, applications and skills.

Three pre-exascale and another five petascale high-performance computers, one of which (MeluXina) is based in Luxembourg and run by LuxProvide, will be interconnected with the existing national supercomputers and made available throughout Europe to private and public users for the development of leading scientific and industrial applications.

Agreement EuroHPC JU

Careerjoin LuxProvide

Are you curious and enthusiastic about tackling the tough problems in technology and high-performance computing? Would you like to work at the heart of Luxembourg’s digital development? What LuxProvide offers: an ongoing, technically exciting project at the crossroads of research and industry in a rapidly evolving environment.

Please do get in touch with us if you feel like joining the LuxProvide team!

Position Location Type
Sales Manager (M/F) Bissen, Luxembourg Permanent
Senior System Engineer – Cloud Services (M/F) Bissen, Luxembourg Permanent
DevOps Engineer (M/F) Bissen, Luxembourg Permanent
IT Support Engineer (M/F) Bissen, Luxembourg Permanent

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